Tool to manage invoices in saaster

In this menu you can view and edit your customers' invoices or enter and send invoices. An invoice does not necessarily have to be related to a plan or a module, which is why this tool can also be used for other purposes.

Invoice states

The following states for invoices exist in saaster:



In draft mode, the invoice can still be modified. The invoice is not displayed to the customer while still in draft state


The invoice is displayed to the customer and has not been paid yet


The invoice has been fully paid

Partial paid

The invoice is partially paid


The invoice was cancelled by the system administrator


The payment deadline for the invoice has been exceeded

Create a new invoice

Click the New invoice button to create a new invoice. The following modal opens:

  1. In the Search for customer field, type in the first few letters of the customer for whom you want to create the invoice. Select the appropriate entry.

  2. Assign a title to the invoice (optional).

  3. Click Save invoice

You are now in the edit mode of the invoice. Now you need to add some items:

  1. With the preview button you can view the invoice at any time

  2. If you want to view the client, click the name.

  3. Use this button to add positions to the invoice (see next image).

  4. With the settings button you can edit the properties of the invoice.

  5. The status icon provides information about the status of the invoice at any time.

Add new position

The positions are not linked to the plans or modules. If you want to create an invoice to charge and link a plan or module, you must do this directly with the customer under Customers in the Plans or Modules tab.


Position title

The title of the position

Position description

The description of the position, which is displayed on the invoice.


The quantity of the position

Single price

The unit price of the position

VAT (%)

Value added tax in percent


The unit (e.g. pcs, months, years)

Discount (%)

The discount of the position in percent

Edit invoice

After you have added the first position, the following screen appears:

  1. An arrow pointing upwards appears to the right of the status symbol. This means that the invoice is still in draft mode. If you click the arrow, the invoice is set to the status open.

  2. With this symbol you can edit the position.

  3. With this symbol you can delete the position.

As soon as the invoice reaches the status open, this screen is displayed:

  1. This icon takes you to a window with which you can manage payments.

  2. Click the arrow pointing downwards to return the invoice back to the draft mode.

Manage payments

In the payment window, the payments of an invoice can be managed:



The date on which the payment is posted

Payment type

The method used for the payment (e.g. PayPal or Visa)

Amount (Currency)

The amount paid in the corresponding currency

Once the invoice has been paid in full, the status of the invoice is changed to PAID:

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