Tool to manage modules in saaster

We first make sure that you know what we mean exactly by module. The term module might be a little confusing.

In saaster, a module is a small application that can be run alongside or together with a plan. You could also say "plugin" to the module, but not in the style of a WordPress plugin. With saaster, nothing is installed as with WordPress, but simply activated.

Just as with plans, a module can be given a price, a trial period or offered free of charge. It is also possible to link modules to a plan (see Plans/Modules).

Don't forget to click the save button before switching tabs!

Add a module

Add a new module by clicking on the button Add module. Give your module a name and save the module. You are now in the following screen:



A module that cannot be booked is displayed to the customer but cannot be purchased.


Activate or deactivate the module. A deactivated module is not displayed at the customer nor in the plans for linking.

Module name

The name of the module that is displayed in the box.

Short description

A small text that is displayed in the preview (box).


A detailed text describing the module. Displayed using a modal.

Module settings

Please choose a short but meaningful name for the module. Make sure that the name does not contain any special characters. You will find further instructions right next to the mask or in the technical documentation.

Free module

If you want to capture the module as "free of charge", activate this checkbox. The tab "Prices" will then be deactivated.


Upload a logo or image for this module.

Number of test days

Allocate the number of days a customer may test the module before it must be purchased/booked.1

Module prices

The following mask provides for editing the prices of a module. You can either define a fixed price or recurring prices.


One time pricing

If the module is sold with a fixed price (one-time), enter the amount in each currency. The recurring prices are thus ignored or set to 0.

Price monthly

If recurring amounts, specify the amount for monthly payment

Price yearly

If recurring amounts, specify the amount for yearly payment (perhaps with discount)

Vat (%)

The value added tax in percent

Vat type

The type of VAT


Determine if net or gross prices

Module scheduletasks

In this tab you can add schedule tasks for the module. It is important to know that each schedule task can be executed at most every 2 minutes. 1-minute tasks are not possible. When saving, no direct schedule tasks are created in Lucee, but these are triggered by well-planned, system-wide schedule tasks.

You can read more about the schedule tasks here: Scheduletask concept

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