🤷Target Audience

For developers by developers

Saaster is designed for companies and individuals who want to offer digital services on a subscription or fixed-price basis. Whether you're building a learning platform, an ERP interface, or something completely different, saaster has the flexibility and power to support your vision.

To unlock the full potential of saaster, we recommend having a basic knowledge of programming, ideally in CFML. But even if you're not a programmer, saaster can be a great starting point for your project, and you can always hire an agency to add custom features. Saaster was created by developers, for developers, so the possibilities are endless.

Scenarios for using saaster

There are following scenarios in which saaster can be used:

Develop your own SaaS offering using saaster as basic software

  1. Develop your own offer within saaster (myApp)

  2. Create modules and offer them together with your main app

  3. Create only modules without main app (module-based offer)

Using saaster without any programming

a) Manage registrations and customers

b) Issue and send invoices

c) Making payments in various payment methods

d) Sell subscriptions

Using saaster API to run your SaaS

With saaster's API, you can use an externally developed SaaS solution without much effort, such as creating plans and modules, receiving payments and charging credit cards again monthly/annually, and much more.

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