📨View invoices

View and manage your invoices

In the Invoices menu, all invoices issued for the customer can be viewed. It is also possible to save the invoice as a PDF file or to print it out.

Pay invoice

It is possible for a SysAdmin to issue an invoice for the customer to activate a plan or module. After the customer has paid the invoice, the plan or module is activated.

Whatever a customer needs to be invoiced for, they can pay it here. You can recognise an open invoice by its status:

The invoice in detail looks like this:

The customer now has the option to pay the invoice. Either he uses the deposited payment method, or he chooses another payment method.

  • Pay with deposited payment method

    • An attempt is made to debit the standard payment method entered by the customer. If this does not work, the next stored payment method is used. If this does not work either, a message is displayed.

  • Choose other payment method

    • This feature opens the payment page directly from Payrexx. Once the amount has been successfully collected, the customer is redirected back to the invoice.

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