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Saaster makes use of the payment service provider Payrexx. At the moment, integration of other payment provides is not planned.

Payrexx is a Swiss Payment Service Provider and is subject to Swiss quality control. And anyone who knows Switzerland knows how important that is.

But this is not the only reason why we decided to work with Payrexx. Another reason is that Payrexx has already integrated tons of other payment service providers in the system, so that every SaaS provider can probably find their desired PSP in it.

The following chapters will guide you through the configuration and integration of Payrexx in saaster.

Create an account

First you need an account with Payrexx. Click here to register. Enter your company name or a part of it here:

After you have created your login, you will find yourself in the Payrexx account.

Create an API key

Now you need to create an API key. To do this, navigate to API & Plugins on the left-hand side.

Click the button "Add API Key" and assign a meaningful name to the new key. It is best to choose the name of your project:

Keep the API key you received safe. You will need this key in the further steps.

Create a webhook

Now you create a webhook. This is used to store payment methods and to charge them repeatedly later. To do this, navigate to Webhooks on the left-hand side.

You need two webhooks, one for the development environment and one for the production environment.

Development environment

You will find a file called "payrexx_webhook_dev.cfm" in the saaster file structure in the "frontend" folder. You must now upload this file to any server that can be reached from the internet.



This is also the path that you must enter as the webhook. Click "Add webhook". Give the webhook a unique name and write the path to the file you just uploaded in the field:

Configure your webhook exactly as shown above.

Production environment

For the productive environment you can add a webhook and specify the file "payrexx_webhook.cfm" also in the folder "frontend". Everything else remains the same.

Note: You must add a password defined in a url variable: https://your-domain.com/frontend/core/handler/payrexx_webhook.cfm?pass=xxx

The password is defined in config.cfm

Create a payment page design

To ensure that your payment page matches your design, you can create a corresponding design in Payrexx.

Click on "Settings" on the left, then on "Look & Feel":

Click the green button "Add a new profile" at the top right and fill this form according to your wishes:

Save the new profile at the bottom. You will now get a unique ID for your design.

Please copy this ID into the config.cfm of your project. Read more about the configuration / config.cfm here:


Payment providers

In this menu you can configure your payment methods and choose the payment provider.

Please follow the instructions from Payrexx, as this configuration can be very extensive. You will also have to provide Payrexx with some confirmations in order to activate certain payment methods.

Docuementation related to Payrexx payment providers:

For more information about Payrexx we recommendreading the official documentation:

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