Instructions for installing saaster

If you got familiar with saaster, and you would like to use it for a real life application, we recommend using a clean installation of saaster.

First check if your host meets these system requirements.

For developers there is a guide to setup a local development environment:

🛠ī¸pageLocal development

Get saaster

Download the latest version from GitHub. Either get the official latest release or clone the repository.

In the majority of cases we recommend to work with the official version because it is well documented and has undergone many error tests.

In this guide, we assume that you have downloaded the latest release. (.zip file)

Configure website

Create a new website with your chosen web server and unpack all files into the root directory of this website. Running saaster in a subdirectory should in theory be possible, but is not officially tested.

Check out the example web server configurations under system requirements.

When you created your new website and copied all files, you need to make some changes to the config.cfm file. You will find a template of this file in the configs folder. Please copy this file into the root directory and rename it to config.cfm.

Set these values accordingly to your website configuration:

// Environment
variables.environment = "prod";

// Enter the URL of your live project (incl. http:// or https://)
variables.mainURL = "https://www.your-domain.com";

// The name of your application.cfc
variables.applicationname = "YourProjectName";

Create database

For the datasource you must set "Allow multiple Queries" to true

Create a new MySQL database and add a new datasource in the Lucee Administrator. Following that task, execute the SQL scripts located in /db/init/. You can find more information about the database structure here.

Also set the name of the newly created datasource in the config.cfm file:

variables.datasource = "database";

Further configuration

These basic configurations should be enough to get saaster running. We recommend to set all other settings / values in the config.cfm file to your liking. This guide will help you to complete the configuration of saaster.


Running the setup routine

After you finished the installation of saaster, we recommend running the setup routine of saaster.

🔧pageSetup Routine

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