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Guide to edit your company details

An Admin or Super Admin can edit the company's details:



Upload the logo. The most common formats can be uploaded.

Company name

The company name of the customer

Contact person

The person responsible for opening the account. This entry is not linked to the user administration.


The street and house number of the company.

Additional address

An additional indication of the street, if available.


The Postcode.


The locality of the company.

Country *

The country must be selected from a dropdown.

Timezone *

The time zone must be selected from a dropdown.

Email address

This e-mail address belongs to the company and will not be used for any other purpose (except for invoices, if no invoice e-mail is defined).


The landline telephone number of the company.


Website domain

*Read more about the countries and the time zones at Country and time zone concept.

Invoice settings

The following fields are specifically for printing on invoices. If these fields are empty, the fields from the company details will be used for invoices.


Company name

The company name for invoices (invoice recipient)

Invoice email address

The email address to which invoices are sent.

Invoice address

The complete billing address including postcode and town.

Invoice information

This field can be used for general information to be printed on the invoice. E.g. the VAT number or a reference.

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