Settings regarding the mappings of saaster

The mappings are used to make the URL readable. At the same time, they are used for rights management and security measures.

They are divided into Custom mappings and System mappings. Each mapping points to the corresponding path without showing the path in the URL.

Custom mappings

Custom mappings are used by SaaS providers who develop an application using saaster. These mappings should never be touched by any updates.

Add new mapping



The desired display in the URL, beginning at the root.


The file that must be called with the mapping, beginning at the root.


If this flag is set, users and every following user can access this page.

Only Super Admins

If this flag is set, Super Admins and Sys Admins can access this page.

Only Sys Admins

If this flag is set, only Sys Admins can access this page.

System Mappings

The system mappings are used by developers of the saaster project. Please never change these values, as these mappings are used directly in the code. If you change the system mappings, saaster may no longer run properly.

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